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"The sound of Ireland in perfect musical harmony"- Münchner Merkur, 14. 09. 2000. "John´s stage presence never fails to impress. It´s almost as if he hypnotizes his audience with his melodic voice. His clean guitar playing is the work of a true professional"
"Songs of forbidden love and dirty towns"-Süddeutsche Zeitung, 26.03.1998 "Anyone yearning once again for an Irish Folk Evening filled with real atmosphere received full value for money with Irish singer and guitarist John Barden and his Scottish partner Keith Smith (fiddle and bagpipes) in the Kulturkneipe Haimhausen".
"Great fun with Barden and Smith"-Süddeutsche Zeitung, 16.03.1999 "The Kulturkneipe in Haimhausen was crammed full for the Irish Evening with John Barden & Keith Smitn last Thursday night. Within minutes of starting, Barden´s and Smith´s subtle humour was reflected in the audience reaction. Neutral observers might have been forgiven for thinking they were in a real Irish Pub environment. The two artists harmonised fantastically and it was obvious that both really enjoyed playing together as wll as for their audience"
Ireland depicted in sound and picture
"Patrick dwells amongst us"-"Ireland experienced up close with Barden & Smith in Cafe Klosterbauhof, Ebersberg" "The Irish-Scottish duo enchanted their audience with songs, stories and dances until well after midnight on Saturday".
A perfect musical debut Süddeutsche Zeitung, 13. March, 2000 "John Barden performed his debut concert on Friday evening in the town he has chosen as his new place of abode. Over 200 excited fans celebrated their new citizen by clapping and singing along. It soon became evident evident that Petershausen was an ideal spot for a good Irish musical evening"
Irish evening thanks to Gemischtes Chor in Petershausen-Münchner Merkur "To the delight of the audience, Barden & Smith performed down-to-earth music. They succeeded in incorporating their audience in the chorus of the songs and footstomping on the tunes. Not only did the audience leave the concert feeing very pleased, they also learned a few new songs in the process.
Guinness from the bottle? "LOUSY!" Dachauer Nachrichten, March, 2000. "Smith & Barden excite more than 200 fans. With his warm voice, he told stories and sang songs of Irish life to an audience which embraced all ages.
Barden the bard sings to a packed house-Dachauer Nachrichten, 28.10.1999 As part of a series of concerts being promoted under the motto: "Kultur im Gut", Frank Frese, director of the Schönbrunn Academy presented an Irish Musical Evening with John Barden last Friday evening. The concert was a total sellout long before the curtain rose. Franks introductory words were "I was quite aware that John Barden is a popular musician, however I never realised he was this popular".
John Barden: A ballad singer and storyteller
High-quality Irish songs and ballads
Blues-Session with John Barden
Melancholic ballads from the green isle
Reif für die grüne Insel (SZ, 25. March)
Irische Lebensqualität (Dachauer Nachrichten, 21. March)
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