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John & John-Patrick
John & Brian: Around 1974. Early Greensleeves days in Co. Wicklow
1976 Greensleevesīfirst busking experience in munich
Christmas in Ausgburg. Solo busking 1977
Greensleeves in concert, Mindelheim, 1978
First ever TV appearance on RTE, 1965
Here is where it all started in 1972. The Greensleeves regular Monday night gig in Leonardīs pub, Dublin.
Evidently these were hard times, however my mother recognised that I had the voice
and an early musical training recieved priority. Thank you so much.
My first time to Germany, 1973
Hippy times, 1977
Greensleeves around 1978
Initial encounter with the Alps. Only a Paddy could ski like this!
Flirting with my first bouzouki

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